Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

10 hrs for £176 terms and conditions

The “Try us and see” deal is not available to those candidates that have taken a practical test within the last 6 months or have a practical test already booked. Deal is only available once for each customer and must be paid in full before the start of the first lesson. The deal is only available at the start of your training with ProTeach Driving School.

10 hrs of lessons will be at the start of your training with ProTeach Driving School.

All lessons to be taken with no longer than a 2 week interval between each lesson. If there is a break of more than 2 weeks the remaining lessons may be forfeited.

To cancel a lesson you must give 48hrs notice. If the correct notice is not given you will forfeit 1hr of your remaining lessons.

It is at the instructor’s discretion when the lessons can be redeemed.

All promotional offers are limited to one per learner.

Payment must be made in full before the start of the first lesson. This is none refundable once your training has started.

Guaranteed pass terms and conditions

Lessons must be no more then 2 weeks apart.

Minimum of 4hrs per week. 2 x 2hr lessons

If you fail a test, the re test must be booked within one week.

If you fail to turn up for a test or cancel with less then 3 working days notice you must pay for the next test.

If you cancel a lesson with less then 48hrs notice you will be charged a cancelation fee of £30

Intensive Lessons

Cancelation of this course must be made 7 working days before the start of the planned training. If refund is required test fees will be lost. No refund will be given unless more than 7 working days given.

Practical test

Hire of the driving school car for use during the practical test is included in the intensive courses.

I reserve the right to withhold the use of the driving school car for practical test, if in my opinion the chances of passing the test are unrealistic.


Practical test cancellation

 In the event of the driving school car being unavailable on the day of the practical test for reasons of illness on my part, or for reasons of mechanical failure, I will refund test fees incurred by you in full.

In the event of the practical test being cancelled by the driving standards agency, it is normal practice for the test fee to be refunded by them, however lessons booked on the day will be subject to the 48 hrs late notice cancellation and will require payment.(some of these fees can normally be claimed back from the D.S.A).


We cannot be held responsible for tests cancelled by the test centre.