Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons are quicker and easier way to learn to drive than with a manual. Pass your test quickly and easily with our lessons in Burton, Branston, Barton, Derby and surrounding villages

Are you struggling to get to grips with clutch control and gear changes? Do you need to learn to drive in a short space of time? Are you nervous about driving so would like more time to concentrate on the road and less time worrying about what gear and clutch control?  Automatic Driving Lessons may be the answer for you.

Automatic lessons are a quicker and easier way to pass your driving test.  The complications of clutch control are removed, leaving you free to concentrate on the job of driving itself. Automatic cars can make driving a pleasure, and are basically ‘Rev and Go’. You must of course bear in mind that you will not be licenced to drive a manual car after passing your test, so you will be restricted to automatic cars unless you take a conversion course afterwards.

Automatic lessons can be a far less stressful method of learning to drive. Maybe you have tried many times in a manual car or even failed your driving test on more than one occasion. Attempting the driving test with us in an automatic car could be a great alternative.

Automatic cars are beginning to become more popular. Some models now only come with an automatic gearbox with no option on manual.  Electric and hybrid cars are also on the increase and these are only automatic. We can see in the very near future there being more automatic cars on the road than manuals.

Still not sure, why not take a lesson with our automatic specialist and see how you get on?

Why choose ProTeach Driving School?

  • Your success is our goal
  • More people pass first time with us than any other local driving school
  • We have more customer reviews than any other local driving school (over 100)
  • We are the most liked local driving school (Facebook)
  • We offer both manual and automatic driving lessons
  • Local instructors that instruct in the local area
  • For your safety and reassurance, all our driving instructors are CRB checked and DVSA approved
  • You can benefit from our specialist automatic driving instructor
  • Free online theory and hazard perception training

Our automatic specialist instructor only gives tuition in auto cars. He has many years experience as a driving instructor with a well above average pass rate.  He is a local instructor based in Burton on Trent area with great local knowledge, this is very important when choosing your instructor.