Pass Plus

The Passs Plus Driving Scheme

Speak to any experienced driver, and they will tell you that passing your driving test is the beginning of your driving education, not the end. The fact that so many people have RTA’s (Road Traffic Accidents) in the first year after losing their L-Plates backs this up. If you are fortunate enough to be unhurt in an accident, there is still the initial damage expenses together with the ongoing costs of increased insurance premiums. Not only will your chances of having an accident decrease by taking a Pass Plus course, you could also benefit from cheaper insurance.

Pass Plus is a driving course and test set up by the government to improve new drivers abilities and knowledge. If you want to be a better driver after passing your test, the the pass plus course is for you. It is also ideal if you are likely to be driving in non-standard conditions not covered by the standard driving test. For example, if you expect to be doing a lot of night driving or using motorways, both of these areas are covered in the Pass Plus course. If you are concerned because you regularly have to drive into bright, low sunlight or feel your heart race as you think about a particular multi-lane junction on your work route, Pass Plus is worth considering.

Of course, you may have passed your driving test some time ago and feel you could do with extra tuition to build up your confidence; Pass Plus is for you too. If you are currently having driving lessons and considering Pass Plus, you will need to find  a local Pass Plus registered ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). Proteach offer Pass Plus courses in this area.


The Pass Plus Modules

Pass Plus consists of two three-hour courses comprising six modules, which are:

  • Driving in Town
  • Driving in All Weathers
  • Driving on Rural Roads
  • Driving at Night
  • Driving on Dual Carriageways
  • Driving on  Motorways

Of the six hours booked, five and a half will be actually on the roads. Circumstances may mean that some of the modules are theoretical only (for example, if there are no local motorway junctions), but practical experience will be offered where at all possible. An example of some of the topics covered on a Pass Plus course are:

  • Eye contact and visual scanning techniques
  • Road positioning
  • Environmentally responsible driving
  • Driving in sleet, snow, fog or rain
  • Dealing with buses, trams and cyclists
  • Unusual roundabouts and junctions

There is no Pass Plus test, but your instructor will mark you for each module. To pass the course and obtain the all-important Pass Plus certificate, you will need to ‘achieve’ or ‘excel’ the required standard on each of the six modules (theory modules can only be marked ‘achieved’). Pass Plus is all about safety and awareness so you will find that you are not picked up on some of the purely  technical aspects of driving covered on the standard driving test. As a result, many people find the Pass Plus  course comparatively straight-forward to pass.


Government Assistance

Pass Plus is supported by the Department of Transport and DLA, amongst others, and the government are very keen for drivers to enrol to help bring down fatalities and injuries on the road. Some Local Authorities (including Derby City Council) offer fee reductions for those drivers opting  for Pass Plus. Derby City Council can be contacted on 01332 641 778 (


Cheaper Insurance

With over fifteen insurance companies, including many of the big brands, offering discounts for drivers with a Pass Plus certificate, it is well worth considering making the investment. Although most insurance companies will only provide discounts for new drivers, some are willing to reserve your discount for two years if, for example, you are waiting to purchase a car.

For more details about Pass Plus through Proteach call us on 0333 577 5001 or 07895 187464