Motorway Driving Lessons


Passing the driving test is the first step in your driving career. Motorway driving is not part of the driving test and cannot be covered on the driving lessons due to learners not being permitted on the motorways. Driving on motorways is very different to driving on “ordinary” roads and taking professional tuition with ProTeach  to ensure you know how to drive safely and considerately on motorways will help you to become a better and safer motorway driver. Whether you have recently passed your driving test, not driven for some time or just nervous about driving on the motorways ProTeach can help you.

Although very different, motorway driving is no more demanding of you than driving around town, you need to be alert and practice good technique for both. The only difference with motorways is that the speeds are higher, so things can happen much quicker. However, driving on a motorway is all about confidence and knowing what to look for, and with careful tuition you’ll soon learn to feel relaxed and confident with driving in even the heaviest traffic.


The motorway lessons will cover the following:

  • Planning the route
  • Joining and leaving the motorway in a safe way
  • Safe following distances
  • Safe speeds and varying circumstances
  • Signs, signals and road markings
  • How to overtake safely
  • Lane discipline
  • Awareness of other road users
  • What to do in the case of a emergency
  • Use of lights
  • Driving in adverse weather conditions
  • Courtesy
  • Debris on the carriageway

Motorway lessons are for a minimum of 2 hours and are charged at £27 per hour.