Intensive Driving Course

With an intensive driving course, you take your driving lessons normally over one to two weeks

Please note we do not take any payment until we can confirm we have a driving instructor available for the dates you require the course. The course will be with a fully qualified ProTeach Driving Instructor and local to Burton on Trent. 

This is unlike many of the national schools who will take your money having no instructor available. They then contact all instructors trying to find someone, so you may end up with a trainee who does not even know the area. In many cases courses can get moved or cancelled at short notice.

Do you need to learn to drive quickly? Intensive driving courses are without doubt the quickest way to get you through your driving test. These quick fire driving lessons are not for everybody due to the time commitment involved. But if you need to pass quickly, we certainly recommend an intensive course.

How does an intensive course work?

Intensive driving courses work better because each lesson follows the previous one up to a time of four hours. Therefore, you don’t have time to forget the previous lesson and what was taught. This means that your learning curve is constant and consistent.

It is recommended you book your intensive course to give us as much notice as possible to get a suitable test. Ideally 2 to 3 months before you area ready to start.

Structuring your driving lessons are the key to passing

Driving lessons can be quite tiring, and concentrating for long periods of time is demanding. This can often mean that you take on too much. Don’t be tempted to do all of the lessons one after another, day after day, and you’ll be fine. Take you time and work with your driving instructor to determine the best way to progress for you.

We don’t suggest you do too much driving in one day, but stick to 3 or 4 hours every day or every other day. This is just enough time to keep you focused and give the best results.

On test day you will have a 1 hour recap lesson before the driving test. We feel this is the best way to prepared for the test without being exhausted from a full day of training. Please Contact Us before booking to discuss your needs.

Intensive Driving Course and Lesson Details

Lessons are one on one. Price includes the driving test fee.

Plan 1 : 14 Hours

This is designed for if you have had a recent test fail, or are close to test standard already. This course may also be suitable for international licence holders wishing to gain a full UK licence. The lessons will take place over 3 days with the test on day 4. 3 x 4hr lessons with the remaining 2hrs used for test day.



Plan 2 : 22 Hours

 This is designed for drivers that have some basic skills, such as car control, and ideally feel confident on the roads and complete most of the manoeuvres to a good standard.

The lessons will take place over 5 days, and day 6 will be the test. This is 5 x 4hr lessons and the remaining 2hrs for test day.


Plan 3 : 30 Hours

This is a 30hr intensive driving course to include the 2hrs on test day.  You should already understand the basics of moving and stopping, also understand how to deal with junctions and other fundamental road sense. The driving lessons will take place over 7 days, day 8 will be the test. This is 7 x 4hr lessons and the remaining 2hrs for the test day.


Plan 4 : 42 Hours

A 42hr intensive driving course, to include the 2hrs on the test day. This will take you from a complete beginner up to driving test standard The driving lessons will take place over 10 days, with day 11 being the test day. This is 10 x 4hr lessons and the remaining 2hrs for the test day.


Plan 5 : 50 Hours

This is a 50hr intensive driving course to including 2hrs on the test day. No previous driving experience needed. This will be suitable for someone who may be a little nervous about driving or to give you the best opportunity to pass. The driving lessons will take place over 12 days, day 13 will be the test. This is 12 x 4hr lessons and the remaining 2hrs for the test day.


Plan 6 : unlimited

Guaranteed Pass Course

For this you will receive as many driving lessons as you need to pass your test ! Also included is the practical test fees. (does not include the theory test) If you do fail your test you will receive further training and have your test rebooked for free. This will be repeated until you pass your driving test. There is no limit to the amount of tests you can take!


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